Pick ‘n’ Mix Box – 1kg


Foam Strawberries

Bubblegum Bottles

Fizzy Cherries

Fizzy Giant Dummies

Fizzy Giant Strawberries

Flying Saucers

Freaky Fish

Fried Eggs

Frisia Fun Mallows

Fruity Frogs

Giant Dummies

Giant Mushrooms

Giant Strawberries

Gold Bears

Haribo hearts

Haribo Starfish

Jelly Babies

Jelly Beans

Jelly Smiles

Milk Bottles

Pig Mugs

Pink White Mice

Rainbow Pencils

Rainbow Twists

Sour Snakes

Strawberry Milkshake Bottles

Strawberry Planks

Strawberry Puffs

Teeth and Toothbrush

Watermelon Slices

White Chocolate Starz

Strawberry Chocolate Hearts

Yellow Bellies

Juicy Berries


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